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"I embrace the passion of artistry by living my craft 24/7/12”"I’m obsessed in the creative experience and humbled by the potential of unlimited expression."“I don't expect everyone to love my art, but I want you to feel something."


Cheo Admini was born in Pensacola Florida and currently resides in Atlanta. He has always had a love for the creative experience however he didn’t receive the title artist until he was twenty-two. His love and passion for cooking inspired him to start painting on tee-shirts to generate funds for tuition to culinary school. After showcasing his designs at his first vending opportunity he was dubbed “Airbrush Artist”. It was this designation that awakened him to his innate artistic ability and inspired him to refine his artistic abilities. He continued painting and embellishing garments and eventually started painting backdrops for photographers, nightclubs and performance artist. He eventually graduated to creating props for clubs, theater, film and videos.

Cheo broadens and cultivated his artistic ability by experimenting with various mediums. He researched and taught himself to use the computer to enhance photos, do graphic designs and other computer-generated images.

Cheo’s artwork is a fusion of bold colors, texture, indigenous textile patterns, symbols and icons that reflect his appreciation of African and other indigenous cultures.

Cheo Admini has worked on video and film sets, live broadcasts, concert stages, nightclubs and theater. He also does staging and interior decorating and merchandising for retail and commercial environments.